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Brand Sonor
Series Smart Force Xtend
Model Stage 2 Smart Force Extend
Colour Brushed Blue
Original price $1299
Price $1299
The SONOR Smart Force Xtend series is based on the specifications of the Smart Force series, while offering a complete Drum setup. Each setup comes with the SONOR Cast B8 Cymbal set, an additional Mini Boom Stand as well as a Drum Throne out of the box and ready to play! The Xtend Drum sets are designed for beginners and advanced players taking their first steps into the Drum community. With its attractive price, this complete Drum set is the picture of long-lasting musical pleasure.

Z Custom
Z3 17 inch Rock Crash $219.50

14 X 5.5 inch Beech Snare $499

Essential Force
14 X 6.5 inch Birch Snare $295

Smart Force Xtend
Stage 2 Smart Force Extend $1299

DTX450K $949